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Master Lock

Lomont IMT manufactures products that follow standard lockout tagout (or LOTO) practices and procedures. Lockout tagout, when properly followed, keeps workers and employees safe. Lomont provides Master Lock padlocks, tags and identification products created using our specialized in-mold technology. Our lockout safety products follow the stringent standards of OSHA, ANSI, ASTM, and other health and safety organizations.

With electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, thermal and potential (stored energy) hazards on varying worksites, lockout tagout devices are an essential workplace safety product. We carry Master Lock padlocks and lockout tagout products that can be customized with names, pictures and phone numbers of maintenance workers. Safety tags are laminated for quality and long term use.

Order online or call us at 1-800-776-0385 to place your order.

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